We have collected on this page some frequently asked questions about our tools for Amazon sellers. Hopefully your question is already here! Otherwise visit the “contact” link or send us an email to >support@rebelsoftwarellc.comt

Questions about Inventory Spy

How much does it cost?
You can check the stock on five Amazon offer listing pages for free everyday. No need to register nor enter any payment or contact information.
If you monitor several listings on a daily basis, you should consider buying the monthly unlimited usage subscription ($9.95 per month).

Will Inventory Spy work for me?
Inventory Spy works in all global Amazon domains. Most of our users come from:
– US
– UK
– China
– Germany
– France
– Canada
– Italy
– India
– Spain
– Mexico
– Australia

How do you compare Inventory Spy with other stock monitor tools?
With Inventory Spy you do not need to download and setup any complicated software on your computer. You can visit the Google Chrome Store and install the extension directly to your browser.
Checking the stock left for your competitors is as easy as navigating to the page and clicking the icon (a yellow magnifying glass) on the browser bar:

Inventory Spy Chrome Toolbar Icon

The quantity of inventory remaining will be shown right next to the product offer price:

Check the stock of your Amazon competitor

Learn more here.

How do I enter my unlimited usage product key if I want to setup Inventory Spy on multiple computers or if I needed to uninstall the extension for any reason?

The product key is setup automatically on purchase of the unlimited subscription.  In rare cased where this does not happen, then the following steps can be quickly followed to validate your unlimited usage access with the inventory request service:

  • Right click the Inventory Spy icon and choose “Options”.
  • In the product key field, place the product key that was emailed to you at purchase time and click the “Save” button.
  • That’s it!  You are now set up again with your unlimited usage key.  If you do not know your key you can always email support@rebelsoftwarellc.com and we will be glad to help you find it!

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